Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yoggie - the inspiration for a line of Cuddle me Epic Bosses in Warcraft

It's done! After spending 6 hours on the first iteration of CuddleMeYoggie, I decided to take another crack at it immediately, this time aiming for something cuddlier and more true to Kelly's Aaron's original design.

I had to take some liberties, but this time I was able to create the new Yoggie in less than an hour. First thing, I commandeered (stole) one of Jong's soft blue shirts with a new modified template.

After cutting it out, I machine sewed it on my Singer 222k with a half inch seam allowance. Handstitched on the eyes, teeth and embroidered on a straight mouth as per Kelly's plans. To fill him out, Yogg was stuffed with some lentils and cotton to create that wonderful floppy drape of his arms and cuddly softness.

I will be offering a smaller version of Yoggie to my guild for our 6th anniversary... Those details I will post on our guild website. I plan to make one for Cadistra and if you leave a nice comment I may make one for you too!

As my photography skills are poor and J's are amazing. I've recruited her to snap photos for you.
Thanks for the excellent photography J! I love you and your fantastic insights into Yoggie the Misunderstood. How true! He's just cuddlywuddly on the inside, imarite?

My next challenge... C'thun!


After I posted the Yoggie Pics I tweeted it to @Cadistra

@Cadistra Check out my CuddleMeYoggie Blog post inspired from your art. Hope you like it. Want one?

and got a reply!

@ivyfong That's AMAZING! You should check out @greyseer's version as well!
@ivyfong I would be honored to have one, and I'll happily pay for it!

Sweetness! I'm totally pumped that the artist likes it too!


  1. On the C'thun, is he like the sandmonster in Starwars or an spikey hair-ed octopus? If that's his jaws it's awfully ineffective. How can he chew with those?

    BTW I love the cotton + lentil stuffing. Very ingenious.

  2. :eyes go very wide, like saucers, or like a child whose parents have found the cure to cavities and have declared every breakfast to be a Candypalooza instead:

    I. I need one. That is the most adorable thing since the first fawn in the world got up on its wittle shaky, unsteady legs, opened its big black baleful eyes, and sneezed on a golden butterfly. Do you know how cute that is? That's really, really cute.

    If you sell them please let me know. I can leave my email or give you my WoW in-game name or something. I must have one. It must be obtained. -I did not roleplay four characters with ties to Old Gods and Qiraji culture to let this moment pass me by-.

  3. @logophilia Wow I'm so flattered by your comments! I really LOVE Yoggy too! He's very cute and fun to cuddle on the couch.

    I recently had a HUGE migraine, and he lovingly lay splayed on my face as I took a nap. Miraculously I felt refreshed.

    Since I'm planning on making a few more, I could possibly fulfill your request. Please leave me a way to contact you.

  4. Hurray! You can email me at :]


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