Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Macro shots of my nemesis

TMI... and horrifyin. Macros of Mosquitos emerging from the water for the first time. Evil buggers.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

'Light' Vanilla Bean Icing

1 package of Philly Cream Cheese Light
Half cup of butter
1 cup Icing Sugar
1/2 teaspoon of Cold Press Vanilla - More if its regular store vanilla... I used Mason Cote 10 Bean vanilla, which is basically 10 vanilla beans soaked in high grade vodka for 6 months. I buy it at the circle craft show every year and its always ultra strong and very very flavourful
1/3 vanilla bean

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fabric Hoarding Management

So I photograph every fabric I buy so I don’t buy duplicates when I’m shopping … but it appears there is an app for this.




With FabricStash you can keep your entire stash, no matter how big, in the palm of your hand. It’s easy, just snap a photo of your fabric, enter as many details as you’d like, and you’re ready to go! With fabric stash you can:


  • Create project lists, allowing for easy access to a list of the fabrics you’ve gathered for your next quilt, or used in past quilts.
  • Match old fabrics with new using large, full color photos
  • No more carrying fabric samples while shop-hopping.
  • Organize and view your stash by color, style, manufacturer, line or project.
  • Keep track of exactly how much of a fabric you have.
  • Make a wish list of fabrics you’d like to obtain in the future.
  • Enter custom category names and notes about your fabrics.
  • Save money- no more duplicate purchases.
  • Added in ability to give fabrics two images instead of just one
  • Added in Non-Fabric Material (Notions)info storage so you can now track your stash of buttons, ribbon, thread,patterns…etc
  • Non Fabric Materials can also be assigned to projects just like Fabrics
  • Updated backgrounds and icon.

Updated with your suggestions and feedback 4/5/2010

  • Added ability to track Cost, Location, Height, Width and Weight of Fabric
  • The notes field now auto-expands to allow for inputing of multiline notes about fabric.
  • Your fabric stash should now remember the last category sort used and will preserve this selection in between sessions.
  • Existing fabrics and materials can now have the option to be added to a project from the project detail screen to allow for faster project creation.
  • Improvements have been made which should improve speed/performance when browsing through a large stash
  • The way user inputted values are remembered for fast re-entry has been saved has been changed to enhance stability and further reduce chance of data loss.
  • Additional speed and stability improvements.

Fully customizable, FabricStash can be personalized in many ways to fit your individual needs as a quilter or designer. FabricStash is also smart, if you’ve entered a custom description before, it will remember it for later use. Give it a try, you’ll love it!


Singer Details

 Dealer Centres


Burnaby, BC V5J 1H5
(604) 437-1633



Tues – Friday 9:30-5pm

Sat 10-4


$70 + GST for repair work, plus cost of parts.

$27.99 for a replacement pedal

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ivy's less glamourous chocolate cake for Don.

I made this cake for Don's Birthday. He's a mighty 77! Pretty cool. Just topped it with some stuff I had around the house: Coconut, raspberries, strawberries, sage, . (yes those purple flowers are chives :P)

Ultra Rush Chocolate cake recipe:
1 box of Chocolate Cake, 1 box of pudding, ingredients as per back of box of cake mix, plus half cup of sour cream, half cup of milk, 1 egg.

This is a ridiculously delicious recipe. It makes the cake taste home made, a bit more dense, but still very moist. Don't overbake. Just until the toothpick comes out "reasonably clean" its a moister cake so will probably make the toothpick a little bit dirty.

Ultra rush but AMAZING chocolate whip icing:
1 box instant chocolate pudding + 500 ml of whipping cream = whip until stiff. So good. Soo delicious.

Ice, decorate.. and voila..

Doreen's Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Doreen's Tinkerbell Cake - Age: 27, year 2010.
Cake Artist: Sarah Graham.

Concept: Use Turquoise and Lemon Grass Green, with Strawberries, Grass, Mushrooms, and little flowers.... Tinkerbell to be on top with Flower. A bow in the middle.


Top Down View.

View of the Flower at the back's detail, including the pollen.

Gorgeous non?

Thanks so much Sarah, It was a big hit!