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How to Haggle with Hotels.

Great Article on How to Haggle with Hotels to get a great room at an even better rate.

Bert Archer

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail

Have you ever haggled for a hotel? Not just asking for their best rate, but asking them to do better, and then asking for an upgrade?

It can be awkward the first couple of times you try it. In North America, prices feel like they're set in stone. But hotels are scrambling to get by these days. The latest numbers from industry analysts Smith Travel Research show average occupancy in Canada is down significantly – about 45 per cent of hotel rooms are empty at any given time, and revenues and rates have fallen too. In this climate, you might be surprised at how willing hoteliers are to make a deal.

As veteran travellers know, hotel rates are something of a Russian doll: always something a little smaller hidden inside if you take the time to look. There's the rack rate; nobody pays that. Then there's the seasonal rate, the loyalty rate, the CAA rate, and so on. But these days, I figured you might be able to do better, so I called hotels across the country last week and gave it my best shot.

First, I tried the Royal York in Toronto. I checked online and saw the lowest rate was $179, which seemed pretty good for the Royal York. I called and asked for a better deal. “We can't negotiate prices,” the woman said, kindly but firmly. “Are you sure?” I said, possibly lamely. She was sure.

Next I called Le Germain, a boutique hotel, also in downtown Toronto. The man who answered said he had a room for $260. I said that was a little out of my price range. He offered it to me without breakfast for $235. I balked. “Do you work for the government?” he asked. If I did, he could offer me the same room for $199. I made a quip about working for the government part-time – about 40 per cent of the time, in fact – which earned me a little laugh and a littler discount: $10.

A pleasant but icy lady at the Wedgewood, a small, upscale spot in Vancouver with a great restaurant, quoted me $199, including breakfast and valet parking. I used my budget ploy again, but once again, was offered only $10 off. It's something, but there were probably better strategies.

A call to the Wingate by Wyndham in Regina netted me a king smoking room for $119.99. I got stonewalled when I asked for a better price, so I asked to speak to the manager. I got voice mail. I left a message, which was not returned. I tried the same thing at the Sutton Place in Edmonton. Their website's “best rate guaranteed” was $288. I was able to get that down to $228 without any effort at all, but when the clerk held firm there, I asked for the manager, which resulted in another unreturned message.

(I later found out it might be a better idea to ask specifically for the rooms division or front office manager.)

I called the International Hotel Suites in Calgary, where I was quoted $229 for a studio, the same price they advertised online. “I really can't spend more than $200,” I said. Did I have a CAA or AAA membership? No, I did not. Did she have any other packages? She clicked the keyboard. “I have a corporate package I can offer you. It's 8 per cent off the best available rate, and that includes breakfast.” The total was $210.68. I decided to push, and asked her if she could deduct the price of the breakfast from the room. After putting me on hold for less than a minute, she came back with a rate of $199 without breakfast. “No breakfast?” I whined, slightly. “I'll give you a favour,” she said. “I will give you a complimentary upgrade to our International Business Suite.” So instead of a 595-square-foot room with a queen bed for $229, I got an 850-square-foot, two-bedroom suite for $199.

Feeling good, I decided to try the Hazelton, which styles itself as Toronto's first five-star hotel. The best rate quoted online was $350. On the phone, asking for their best rate, it became $360, plus tax and a $9.50 communications fee, for a 600-square-foot deluxe king. “I'm sorry, but that's really more than I was hoping to pay,” I said. Out came a 500-square-foot superior king for $295. “My budget was actually $275,” I ventured. She couldn't go any lower, but when I persisted, she offered me an upgrade back to that original deluxe room at the superior rate, a $65 discount.

The scorecard: Five out of six hotels were ready to deal, and three offered me substantial discounts. What does this say about the state of hotels? “It's a sign of desperation,” says Gabor Forgacs, an assistant professor at Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. “There used to be some kind of minimum rate that they called the hurdle rate, and nothing could go under that – but these days, even that's not carved in stone.”

Forgacs suggests you'll have more luck with large hotels than small, and airport hotels rather than downtown ones. If you hit a wall, as I did at the Royal York, he suggests asking for freebies instead: breakfast, parking, papers, Wi-Fi.

None of these phone calls, it should be noted, lasted longer than five minutes. If you're not locked into a plan, chances are you can do better than you've been doing.

Special to The Globe and Mail

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How to get a cheap rate

* Try large hotels. It's harder to rent 1,000 rooms a night than 50.
* Airport hotels cater primarily to business travellers; business travel is way down. Do the math.
* Call last-minute. According to Professor Ted Whykes at Royal Roads University's hotel program, it's all about “the perishability of the product.” An empty room at 3 a.m. is worthless.
* If the person who picks up the phone can't deal, ask for a rooms division or front office manager.
* Be aware of any memberships you have to organizations such as CAA and the Canadian Association of Retired Persons and ask if the hotels offer discounts.
* Ask for a package deal, and then ask to unpack it. If the package includes breakfast, ask for the value of the meal to be deducted from the rate.
* If the price won't budge, ask for an upgrade.
* After you've finished, always ask for frills to be free. Today, there's no reason to pay for breakfast, parking or Wi-Fi.

NOM! Food.

Dog Parks in BC

Dog parks in British Columbia

Dog parks in Abbotsford

Bateman/Stoney Creek Park - Address: 34638 Bateman Rd.
hours: Dawn 'til Dusk, benches: yes, phones: yes, handicapped access: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: yes. Comments: Off leash area is East of the sports fields. Please keep dogs out of the water.

Gladwin Park - Address: Gladwin Rd. at Old Riverside Road
hours: Dawn 'til Dusk, parking: yes. Comments: Parking is located in the Abbotsford Exhibition Park parking area. Area is off leash, however, occassionally there is traffic through the area when a large event is taking place at Exhibition Park.

Sumas Canal Dyke/McKay Creek Trail - Address: North Parallel at Atkinson. Hours: Dawn 'til Dusk, benches: yes, handicapped access: yes, parking: yes. Comments: Trails are along the dykes on either side of the Sumas Canal. Dog off leash areas are on the trails only. Please keep dogs out of the water.

Dog parks in Aldergrove

Aldergrove Lake Park - Address: Lefeuvre Road and 8th Avenue. Hours: 8:00am to Dusk, poopbags: yes, parking: yes. Comments: This off leash area of Aldergrove Lake is little ways out of town (abt 5 miles), but a great area to let your dog run and play. Once they have had their run, you can leash them and go through the fantastic well groomed trails.

Dog parks in Burnaby
Click for a list of off leash dog parks in Burnaby courtesy of the city of Burnaby.

Burnaby lake - Address - Piper Ave and Winston St.
Fenced: yes, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: yes
Comments: new park, completely fenced, double gated, poo bags, water fountain, small area with bark mulch path. Burnaby Lake nature trails right beside for on leash walks.

Cedar by the Sea (south of Nanaimo)
Cable Bay Trail - end of Holden-Corso road. Open 24 hours, benches and parking.
Comments: This is a fairly strenuous walk down to a beach. Dogs are welcome off leash, and there are no busy roads nearby.

Dog parks in Chilliwack
Island 22 park - Address: Cartmell Road
Fenced: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes
Comments: This dog park used to be a campground. It's big and has lots of trees. The fishing is good nearby and there are tons of mosquitoes in summer. 

Dog parks in Cobble Hill
South Cowichan Community off-leash Dog Park
fenced: yes, benches: yes, parking: yes

Dog parks in Coquitlam

Bramble Park - Between Panorama Dr. and David Ave. Fenced, benches, poop bag dispensers.
Comments: under the Hydro Right of Way water for the dogs.

Dog parks in Cultus Lake

Cultus Lake Dog Park - Address: Columbia Valley Hwy. hours: 24 Hours, fenced: yes , poopbags: yes , parking: yes

Dog parks in Delta

Boundary Bay park - Address: 72nd and Ladner Trunk Road
Hours: always open, fenced: yes, parking: yes
Comments: Use Ladner Trunk Road to 72nd Ave. Travel south on 72 and park on side of road just before you reach rail road tracks. On east is a road leading into a huge deserted airforce base. Paved road for you to walk on and fields for dogs. Not official off leash area but NEVER bylaw enforcement. Beautiful find. Lots of friendly people and dogs.

Dog parks in Duncan

Somenos Creek Dog Park Address - Beverly St. & Lakes Road 
Hours: 7.00 to Dusk, fenced: yes, benches: yes, poopbags: yes,
Handicapped access: yes.
Comments: A level fenced area of about 3/4 acre. Part gravel and part grass. Friendly people. Hoping for a shelter and lights in the near future

Dog parks in Houston

Park: Steelhead Park Dog Run - Address: Highway 16 , Hours: Any time
fenced: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes.
comments: Just a dog run, but great after the long drive. Located 3.5hrs west of Prince George.

Dog parks in Kamloops

Ord road dog park address: tranquille/ord rd. - hours: 24 hr (however unlit at night), fenced: yes, benches: yes poop bag dispensers: yes, parking: yes, comments: small field but great crowd! busiest just before sundown.park:

Pacific Way Dog Park - Address - Pacific Way
Hours: Dawn to dusk, fenced: yes, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes
Comments: Not a lit dog park, but there is a seperate section(fenced off within the park) for small dogs to play if the owners want.

Pioneer Park - Address: Lorne St.east of Red Bridge city: Kamloops province: BC Hours: dawn 'til dusk , tables: yes , benches: yes Handicapped access: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: yes comments: popular teen and mutt hangout grassy area with tables,etc. sandy beach on the Thompson River

More info on Dog parks in Kamloops

Dog parks in Kelowna

Glenmore Dog Park - Glenmore Rd, Kelowna Hours: sun up to sun down Fenced: yes Poop bag dispensers: yes Parking: yes Comments: not the best looking but the dogs still have fun!!

Kelowna off leash dog park - Address: Old Vernon Road By Airport in Kelowna, BC. Hours: all day every day, fenced: yes, tables: yes, poopbags: yes, handicapped access: yes, parking: yes,restrooms: yes.
Comments: This dog park sits on about 50 acres or more. It is completely fenced. It has fresh tap water only in summer and in winter you must bring your own drinking water. It's a little dry in the summer as there is no swimming hole for the dogs. A great place to meet new dogs and people.

Mission dog park - Address: Mission sports feild ( lexington)
Hours: sun rise to sun set, fenced: yes, tables: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes
Comments: nice big field for a lot of dogs to play in, and a wonderful place for you and your dog to meet friends also there is a walk way just behind it with the mission creek running through it Beautiful walk dogs on leash on the walk way. Off of Gordon r.d. on the left turn on lexington r.d. and follow the road until you see the mission dog park sign on the left.

Dog parks in Anmore/Port Moody

Rocky Point Park - Buntzen Lake - Ioco Road. Open 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (hours vary with seasons), fenced, tables, poop bag dispenser, parking, restrooms.
Comments: The fence extends into the lake so the dogs have great access to the beach and water. The beach is clean sand and the water is crystal clear.
Comments2:Best dog park in Greater Vancouver, huge fenced off area with beach, fresh water lake, grass etc.

Dog parks in Langley

Brookswood Dog Park - 204 St. near 44th Ave. Hours are from dawn to dusk. It is fenced, has a poop dispenser, parking and some handicapped access. Comments: Brookswood Dog Park is under Hydro Lines. We have just got a parking lot. It is being improved slowly but surely. There is not what I would call a handicapped access but the ground at the gates are fairly level. There have been wheelchairs there.
Comments2: Very large fully fenced park. Only problem is, when it rains it is a sea of really smelly mud.

Derby Reach Located at North Langley/Fraser River at 208th Hours: dawn to dusk Fenced, benches, tables, handicap access, poopbags, trees, parking, restrooms, trashcans; comments - swimming from the beach, blackberries when in season.

Langley Passive Park - On 36th Ave @ 208th Street - Hours: Dawn to Dusk,
tables: yes, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, Handicapped access: yes,
Parking: yes
Comments: Off Leash park. Dogs can go swimming in the huge pond/lake or walk around it. hike trails. Frisbee golf. semi fenced, but not really needed.

Walnut Grove park - address: 213 St. & 96 Ave. - city: Township of Langley. hours: Dawn thru Dusk, fenced: yes, benches: yes poop bag dispensers: yes. Comments: This is a small fenced area, perfect for a short romp with 'friends' or for introducing your pet to off leash areas! (There is plenty of street parking.)

Willoughby open field - Address: 200th and 69th
Hours: dawn to dusk
Comments: this is an unofficial dog field, its a large open area that runs parallel to 200th street - owners of land allow access for dogs and owners. Bring poop bag, none are provided.

Dog parks in Metchosin

Matheson Lake - Address: Rocky Point and Matheson Lake Roads
Hours: dawn to dark, poopbags: yes, parking: yes
Comments: Matheson Lake Regional Park is located west of Metchosin BC which is a community on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. It is not actually a dog park but it is a great place for a hike with a dog on leash or if the dog is very well controlled, off leash. There is a public beach dogs are not allowed at but the rest of the lake is open to them to swim to their hearts content. There is about 3.5 kilometers of trails around the lake and can be accessed via the Galloping Goose Trail.

Dog parks in Mission

Hayward Lake Dog Park Address: Hayward Lake - Mission B.C. fenced: yes poop: yes handicapped access: yes parking: yes Comments: Beautiful spot on Hayward lake, lots of room to run. No one is ever there.

Dog parks in Port Moody

1 blk east of Rocky Point Park.
This park is fenced, has benches, parking and poop bag dispensers.
Comments: Great off leash area for dogs of all sizes

Dog parks in Nanaimo

Beban Park (Nanaimo Offleash Park)- Labieux Road - Hours: 8 am to dusk, fenced, tables, benches,poop bag dispenser, wheelchair access, parking.
Comments: A two acre fenced, grassy and gravel dog park, complete with fire hydrants especially for the dogs.

Cable bay trail park - Address: Nanaimo river - Hours: 24hours
poopbags: yes, parking: yes.
Comments: great trail, a little hard to find but perfect for dogs. no interference from non-dog owners. too bad they're putting a huge development there :(

Westwood Lake Trail - Westwood Road - 24 hours, parking, restrooms.
Comments: This is a 3 kilometer trail, the middle kilometer of which is designated 'off leash'. Be prepared to walk a kilometer with your dog on leash to get to it as the off leash area is on the far side of the lake.

Dog parks in New Westminster

Hume Park - address: End of Kelly Street off Braid Street
hours: 24 hours, fenced: yes, benches: yes, poop bag dispensers: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: yes. Comments: Nice L-Shaped totally fenced dog park beside a soccer field, lacrosse box and ball fields. Picnic area and playground with water park adjacent.

Queens Park Dog Off Leash Enclosure - Address: Queen's Park @ 1st St & 3rd Ave in New Westminster, BC.
Fenced: yes, benches: yes.
Comments: Large, beautiful dog park nestled in the woods. Hilly, but enough flatspace to play ball. Double gated.

Westburnco Park - Address: 10th Avenue and Massey Street
Hours: Dawn until Dusk, fenced: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes
Comments: Small fenced area tucked in behind the tennis courts,but big enough to get a good run in

Dog parks in Parkville

Springwood Park (Royals Field) - Address: Despard Road in Parksville, BC. 
Hours: 8am-Dusk, fenced: yes benches: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes.

Dog parks in Penticton

Doggy beach - Lakeshore dr. and Colourfulfront st. Open 24 hours and has parking. 
comments: Very nice, nice view, you can swim with your dog, play with him/her, preferred to keep dog on leash.

Dog parks in Pitt Meadows

Hoffman Park - Address: 112nd Avenue and Harris Road
Hours: All day, fenced: yes, poopbags: yes, handicapped access: yes, parking: yes. Comments: Fully fenced, there is a trail right beside it in a forested area as well.

Dog parks in Port Moody

Bert Flynn Park - Address: Heritage Mountain
Poopbags: yes, Parking: yes
Comments: Parking on Street

Dog parks in Prince George

Cranbrook Greenway address: End of Massey Drive, near the 
hours: Daylight hours preferred, poop bag dispensers: yes, parking: yes comments: Large grassy area with some forest and trails leading up to top of Cranbrook Hill and university.

Moore's Meadow Park - address: Foothils Boulevard/1st street
hours: 7am-11pm, poop bag dispensers: yes, handicapped access: yes
parking: yes, comments: Not fenced but is an enormous space - park located in a dried up kettle lake so wandering dogs safe (within a couple km)

Dog parks in Richmond

Dyke Trail - Address:Southeast of 3 Roadcity: Richmond
hours: dawn to dusk benches: yes poop: yes parking: yes

McDonald Beach - Address: Between the Airport and Iona Beach Richmond, BC. Heading towards airport, turn (R) on Templeton. Turn (R) on McDonald Road.
Hours: Dawn till Dusk , tables: yes, benches: yes, phones: yes, Handicapped access: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: yes 
Comments: Great beach area along the Fraser River for the dogs to run and swim, best when the tide is out. Also a big grassy area and a boat launch area and trails. It is out of the way of traffic no need for a fence. Can't rememeber if there is a bag dispenser, bring bags anyway.
Comments2: Along the Fraser river so the dogs can swim and fetch toys in the water. Soft sand so the dogs do not hurt their pads
Comments3: Excellent off leash area for beach and water access. Sometimes the tide is strong though.

No. 3 Road Dog Park - Address: Very southern most point of No. 3 Road
Hours: Dawn to Dusk, poopbags: yes, handicapped access: yes, parking: yes,
Comments: Hard for dogs to reach water, but great dog park.

Dog parks in Salmon Arm

Park: little mountain - Address: 30st and Okanagan ave
hours: all hrs but too dark at night and would not reccomend it, you will get lost if you don't know the park, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes
Comments: It is a wonderful off leash park! Trails everywhere! My 3 dogs and there budds love it!

Dog parks in Summerland

Peach Orchard dog beach - Address: Lakeshore Dr
hours: sun up till 11.00pm, fenced: yes , tables: yes, poop bag dispensers: yes, handicapped access: yes,parking: yes, restrooms: yes, comments: This beach is somewhat fenced but your dog can get out if they swim/walk around the fence, as the fence just meets the water. The rest of the beach is a public beach for children. I wouldn't suggest dogs that will run out of the enclosure and attack people. Otherwise this beach is excellent and there is lots of places to swim and frolic with your dog.

Dog parks in Surrey

Clayton Off-Leash Dog Park - Address: 7811-188th St
Hours: dawn to dusk, fenced: yes, benches: yes, handicapped access: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: yes
comments: Has both a Small Dog Area and an All Dog Area. Each area has a water station so you can provide dogs with fresh water. Paved walking paths in each area. Very Nice.

Dogwood Park - 20th Ave between 140 & 128 Streets, cross street approve 125th Street on 20th Avenue. Hours: 7 am to dusk. Fenced, benches, tables, handicap access, trees, parking, water, trashcans. Comments: Small, but very nice, good trails and a pond (more ponds in the rainy season). Much used by regular dog lovers.

Freedom park - 84th Ave at approx. 154th - fenced, benches, wheel chair access, restrooms, parking.
Comments: The park is no quite fully fenced. The only opening is where the cars come in off the street into the parking lot. It has some open area, a fountain, some benches and a small trail.
Comments2: No bag dispenser. Would be nice if there was a small playground to accomodate children outside fenced area at the same time dogs are in fenced area.

Park: Long Yards - Address: trees road.
Hours: 24-7, fenced: yes, tables: yes, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, phones: yes, hapdicapped access: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: yes
Comments: This is a peacful enviromental place with a pond and a forest you may walk in peacefully!

Royal Heights Park - Address: 11308 Royal Crescent
Tables: yes, benches: yes, handicapped access: yes

Serpentine off leash park 76th Avenue west of 128th street (under the power lines) Hours: dawn to dusk, fenced: yes , benches: yes 
poopbags: yes, handicapped access: yes , parking: yes , restrooms: yes 
Comments: This park is a good size. Off leash area fully fenced with 3 gates. lots of parking including handicapped spot. Poop bags available (though some owners don't care to use them). Small Covered area with bench as well as others in the park.

Tannery Road Dog Park - Address: Foot of Tannery Road
Hours: dawn to evening, fenced: yes, benches: yes, poopbags: yes
Handicapped access: yes, parking: yes.
Comments: Tannery Road Dog Park is located in Surrey BC at the foot of Tannery Road and can be accessed from Scott Road. Features of the park are two grass fields, one half fenced. A crushed gravel path goes from the top parking lot along the river dike and cuts around a forest and atop another dike structure ending beside large sandpiles that dogs love to play on. Swimming can be done but the water is tidal and there is only muddy beach access, which again dogs do love. It is a totally off leash park, therefore dog owners must have some control due to beavers in the area.

Tynehead Park At the 168th Street entrance there is a Dog Off-Leash Area - dogs must always be under the owners' control. Hours: From the start of Daylight Saving Time to Labour Day - 8 am to 9 pm. All other days - 8 am to dusk. 

Dog parks in Terrace

Ferry Island - Address: Highway 16 - east of overpass in Terrace, BC.
Hours: 24 hours, tables: yes, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, Handicapped access: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: ye.
Comments: During summer season (May - October) dogs must be leashed in camping area (only), as this is a municipal park, but off season is dog heaven! Skeena River surrounds this park, making it an ideal place for dogs to swim and explore. When the river is high in spring it is best to keep dogs out of main river but there are sloughs that provide calmer waters. Trails and a pond in the middle of the park.

Dog parks in North Vancouver

Ambleside Dog Park Marine Drive & Taylor Way (behind Park Royal Shopping Centre) Open 24 hours, benches, poop bag accessories parking etc.

Bridgeman Park - Address: Main Street at Brooksbank
tables: yes

Deep Cove Park - Address: RockCliff Rd & Raeburn St
Tables: yes, benches: yes, parking: yes
Comments: Nice place to have a gathering & games in the field while over looking the beach, and if the tide is out... Theres a beach you can Enjoy! :D

Kings Mill Park - Address: Base of fell ave at the water
Hours: dawn til dusk, tables: yes, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, handicapped access: yes, parking: yes
Comments: great place to bring your dog to socialize with others. Everyone is always well behaved and the humans too - everyone cleans up after their pets. Theres a beach for swimming and a a short trail in addition to the grassed area

Panorama Park - Address: Panorama Dr & Gallant Ave
Benches: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: yes
Comments: Nice place to walk your dog when the sun is out, You can see the beach, your kids can play on the beach. nice field for playing games although it is hilly. :-)

Princess Park - Address: Princess Avenue in North Vancouver, BC.
Hours: 24hrs, tables: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: yes
Comments: fantastic large area for dogs, river, trails.

Dog parks in Vancouver

37th Avenue and Oak Street Park 37th Ave. & Oak St. 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Balaclava Park 30th & Balaclava 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Burrard View Park Wall Yale & N. Penticton to Slocan 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Charleson Park 6th Ave & Laurel St 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Coopers Park False Creek 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Dusty Greenwell Park Wall Street & Kaslo Street 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Falaise Park Falaise, Worthington & Grandview Hwy. 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Fraser River Park 75th Ave & Angus Drive 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Fraserview Golf Course Perimeter 61st Ave & Wales Rd. 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

George Park 63rd Ave, west of St. George St. 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Heather Park 18th Ave. & Heather St. 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Hillcrest Park Peveril & Dinmont 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Jones Park 37th Ave & Victoria Dr. 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Killarney Park 45th Ave, Kerr & Carleton St. 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Kingscrest Park 26th Ave & Knight St 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Locarno Park 1st & Belmont, Sasamat & NW Marine 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Musqueum Park Marine Drive & Crown St 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Nelson Park Bute & Nelson St. 6 - 8 am & 5 - 10 PM

Portside Park Main St. overpass 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Quilchena Embankment 33rd & Cypress St. 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Spanish Bank (West of Concession) Spanish Banks, west of Tolmie 6 - 10 am &5 - 10 PM

Sparwood Park Arlington St. south of 49th Ave 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Strathcona Park Venables St. & Raymur Ave 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Sun Rise Park Windermere, Rupert, 3rd & 5th Aves 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Sunset Beach Bay Beach Ave from Burrard Bridge 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Sunset Park Prince Edward, 51st & 53rd Ave 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Tecumseh Park 43rd  45th Ave, Commerical St 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Trout Lake Park Address: Garden &12th (North End of Park, between Parking Lot andLake, bridge to grandstand) 13th & 19th Aves,Victoria & Templeton hours: 6AM-10PM, benches: yes, handicapped access: yes, parking: yes

UBC Endowment Lands trails near West 16th Ave and Blanca, shared with bikes, walkers and horses. 24 hours/day

Valdez Park 22nd, 23rd Ave, west of Balaclava St. 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Vanier Park West of Maritime Museum Parking Lot 6 - 10 am & 5 - 10 PM

Dog parks in West Vancouver

Ambleside Park - Address: via the back of Park Royal Shopping Center or the foot of 13th Street - Hours: dawn to dark, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, handicapped access: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: yes
Comments: Ambleside Park is a beautiful beach side park looking across to Stanley Park, the Lions Gate Bridge and the inner harbour and English Bay. The eastern section of the park, save for an exercise area for humans, is all off leash. Dogs can swim in the ocean or play on the beach. A sea-wall walk is a nice stroll and there are a couple of fields for chasing balls and what have you. There is some fencing restricting access to the Pitch and Putt golf course, otherwise is it a wide open area and most of the dogs are quite friendly. The forest from the Park Royal side of the area is riddled with many trails.

Cypress Falls Park & Lighthouse Park
Address - West Vancouver, BC 

Seaview Trail - Address: Gleneagles
Hours: never closed, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes
comments: This is a wide trail with a gorgeous veiw over looking Marine Drive. No cars to worry about.

Dog parks in Vancouver Island

Qualicum Beach Trails Park - Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island - Open all hours, benches, poop bag dispensers, phones, restrooms and parking. Comments: Nice off-leash trails maintained by QB Dog Owners Group. Heavily wooded. Off of parking lot next to Civic Centre and Ravensong Aquatic Centre (pool). Popular with the locals. Not fenced, but no major roads really close by.

Dog parks in Vernon

BX Ranch - Address: BX Road just up from Pleasant Valley Rd
hours: 24, fenced: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes.
Comments: large field bordered by forest walk with creek running through;socially responsible owners,no mean dogs.

Coldstream Creek Park - Address: Kalamalka Rd, south side of the road, after McClounie Rd eastbound - Hours: 24 hrs, tables: yes, parking: yes
Comments: open grassy area between road and creek, large trees along creek, picnic tables, parking off of McCounie Rd with footbridges across creek, no fence along road but sloped up to road

Gray Canal - Address: Silverstar Road-Just below Foothills 
Hours: 24, fenced: yes, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes
Comments: Partly fenced park, with a very nice walking trail. Often people will walk here without dogs too, and don't like to be bothered by dogs that like to great. Otherwise great park, and a great hike with a nice view.

Heritage Natural Park - Address: 5025 Heritage Dr
Hours: 24 hrs, fenced: yes, parking: yes
Comments: open grassy area ,fenced.

Mutrie Rd Park - Address: Mutrie Rd between 43 Ave and 39 Ave
Hours: 24 hrs, fenced: yes, benches: yes, parking: yes
Comments: great fenced area aprox 5 acres open field walking path, friendly dog owners/dogs

Pioneer Park - Address: 3501 35 Ave
Hours: 24 hrs, fenced: yes, parking: yes
Comments: open field, fenced , walking paths, hilly

Dog parks in Victoria

Bayview - Hilltop Songhees Park - Address: Tyee/Sitcum(new street)name Bayview Properties 100 Saghalie Road Victoria BC V9A OA1
Hours: 6am to 10 pm, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, handicapped access: yes
parking: yes
Comments: Off Leash Dog Park built by Bayview Properties an adjacent landmark building as well as the historic Roundhouse Buildings of 1913

Beaver Lake Park Pat Bay Highway benches, tables, handicap, trees, parking, phones, restrooms, trashcans. Comments: beautiful tree setting, with a path around the lake; also a large field with some rail fencing; often used by agility clubs and fly ball groups.

Dallas Road Beach South end of Dallas Road Beach just past Beaconhill Park benches, tables, handicap, poopbags, trees, parking, phones, restrooms, trashcans. Comments: fabulous view looking out to the Pacific, dogs can be walked off-leash but must be under good voice control as there is no fence as a road nearby.

Mystic Vale - Cedar Hill X Rd, near Cadboro Bay Rd.This is a large, fenced, open field on university property. It has a picturesque old orchard in the center. It is a very popular off leash dog park. Trail leads down into Mystic Vale park creek. Parking along Cedar Hill X Rd. Comments: Mystic Vale is an Ecological Protection Zone, and dogs are required to be leashed in this area at all times. it is fragile habitat with numerous rare and important species.

Rudd Park - Address: Irma St, and Harriet St
Fenced: yes, tables: yes, benches: yes, parking: yes
Comments: Popular dog park. It is fenced on 3 sides, with a playground on the other side, and a few entries on the other sides. Open field, with trees along the outside.

Willows Beach - Beach & Estevan. Tables, benches, parking, restrooms. Fabulous sandy beach to walk along, lots of dogs off leash, low cement wall provides some barrier to nearby road, but big dogs can jump wall or find stairs. No dogs allowed on beach May - Oct.

Dog parks in White Rock

Blackie Spit - Address: McBrideAve and Wickson. Hours: dawn to dusk, fenced: yes, tables: yes, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, phones: yes, parking: yes, restrooms: yes. Comments: Fenced off-leash area, covered seating available for humans. Beautiful and popular scenic on-leash dog walking permitted along adjacent seawall between Oct- May only.

Crescent beach dog park - Address: crescent beach Marina
fenced: yes, benches: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes.
Comments: water, and lots of trees and area to run. Fully fenced. Out houses for the owners outside of fenced area. Just off from the Marina (beach area) wonderful place, found it by chance. Good sized area. Covered area with chairs, outhouses. Planning to build a concrete platform washroom area.

Dogwood Park - Address: 20th Ave & 134th Street
Fenced: yes, tables: yes, benches: yes, handicapped access: yes, parking: yes
restrooms: yes
Comments: Access parking lot from 20th Ave. Entire park is off-leash. Large field w/fence beside 20th Ave, wide gravel walking trails thru mature forest behind. Ponds and water tap for fido. Smaller fully fenced area near the parking lot. Clean! Not sure if bags are provided... be sure to bring your own.