Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Naptime Macro...

More naptime photos...  Here's Minka with her newfound big sister patience as she settles in to nap with the baby pup who can't seem to settle down. 

Scratch the dot for maximum happiness.

We're best friends now and we sleep with our feet touching like best buddies.

Nap time with Sparrow

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of Sparrow. She's a big girl now weighing in at 12 lbs soaking wet! One of the best things is laying in bed with my little girl and enjoying her spunky personality. I like holding her as she sleeps and then being there when she wakes up and wants to cause some trouble. Puppies are great!

I'm feeling kinda sleepy. Shall we take a nap?

dozing off.

400 thread count egyptian cotton right? mmm clean sheets.

I'm very very tired. You should let me sleep. Put the camera away, mom.

Minka and I are taking a nap.

Did someone say 'Walk'? I*'m awake now.

I've got little teef for biting you. nom nom
Update from Sparrow: Last week I learned to jump onto the bed, but not to jump off. The bed is very high you know! It's a bit of a effort but I can make it. I also learned just yesterday how to cry at the door so I can be let out to do my business. Mom is very happy about this.

Minka appears to be less interested in me these days. She slept with Don for the first time since my arrival which leads me to think she's letting her guard down. It's only a matter of time now, before I can steal all the cookies without her interference.

I'm going on long walks with Dad now. We're walking 45 minutes at a time, and I pass out for hours after. I love a good work out.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I have big ears today. I look more like a Joey than a whippet. Nom nom. Where's my food?

Puppy is doing great. She’s going outside with Minka to do her business now rather than us escorting her (still supervised) and so far, is super on the leash. She’s eating well and adores the family. I worry that she won't love me as much as Minka does, but Jong insists this is a good thing as Minka is pretty needy.

Sparrow met Uncle Chewy and Auntie Willow (the greyhounds) the other day, and terrified them. They were walking through the kitchen to go outside for a walk and the puppy was having her breakfast. Sparrow ran up to Chewy and nibbled on his ears in play before we could grab her and pull her away. He was at a loss of what to do (and likely in some pain).

When the greyhounds returned from the walk, Chewy was afraid to come inside (and through the kitchen) because he remembered the holy terror that traumatized him the last time he was in there.. Took about 10 mins to coax the boy inside…. It's quite funny that Chewy - a HUGE greyhound is intimidated by the innocuous play nibbles of a very small whippet puppy.

When Minka was a puppy, she looked at Chewy with hero worship. One day, if she ate her kibble, she could grow up to be as big as Uncle Chewy. Minka still aspires to be as big as Uncle Chewy...

Remember when I was little and you were big, Chewy? Huh huh?