Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Decluttering Sentimental Items from your Home

From We Live Simply…


In our recent reader’s survey several of you asked about decluttering sentimental items.

I have to admit, sentimental items are one of the hardest things for me to declutter in my home as well.

Whether it’s something from my childhood that I hoping my boys will enjoy someday — or something that’s been handed down from other family members, I’m always slow to remove those items from my home.

However, while I tell myself (and others) how valuable these things are to me — more often than not they’re not displayed in a place of honor — they’re boxed and hidden in a closet or attic.

So what should we do with these treasured items that we’re afraid to get rid of? has some great pointers…

As you go through each room, make three stacks (similar to what we’ve mentioned before).

·                    Stack 1: Items that can be scanned, photographed or digitized for saving

·                    Stack 2: Items you want to display proudly on shelves or other areas in your homes

·                    Stack 3: Items you’re not sure about

And don’t forget — while decluttering you may always come across those items you’re ready to simply give away and forget about. No need to stack them into a pile — simply carry them straight to your donation box.

In several rounds of decluttering I’ve come across a number of things I’ve forgotten about, or as Miss Minimalist suggests — I’ve realized the item’s perceived value is no where near the value of the space I’ve used to store it in.

Some of these items include baseball cards from my youth — gave them to my friends’ kids — and old newspapers of big sporting events from my youth — gave them to a sport fan at work.

Once you have your three stacks you can begin digitizing, photographing or scanning the items.

·                    For some tips on photographing items visit DPS’ post on How to Shoot Items for eBay.

·                    You can scan photographs and other items at home or hire someone else to do it for you. Using a flatbed scanner and Photoshop, I recently scanned and cropped 250 or so photos and posted them to Flickr in roughly 4 hours. Your time will vary depending on how high a resolution you use, so you may want to consider the time and energy involved before you decide on doing it yourself or hiring someone else to do it.

·                    Once you’ve photographed or scanned your collection, you can now find unique ways to share and keep your collection. Perhaps storing and sharing on or Picasa, or creating a digital scrapbook that can be viewed on your DVD player.

With the second pile, begin finding places throughout your homes to display your treasures. This might also give you a chance to get rid of a few other things that aren’t as treasured. Or — if your shelf space is limited, you may opt to keep some of your items together and rotate your displayed items with the season. Rather than buying new trinkets and decorations for various times of the year, simply trade out your displayed items with treasures from your past. You’ll feel a greater attachment to the decorations and it will keep your house looking freshly redecorated.

Finally, with the third pile, place the items in a box and mark them the date. In six months, anything you haven’t touched can be photographed and donated to someone in need. If you haven’t used the items in six month, see it as a sign to move your collection elsewhere. A photograph will likely be all you’ll need to keep the memories alive.

What other steps have you taken to help declutter sentimental items in your home?


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby Whippet Cuteness Overload.

After spending days reading the Daily Coyote I’m inspired to try to do the same thing with our new whippet puppy, name to be determined. This woman documented almost every day of the coyote’s life(so far 3 years and running).. and I think I could do something similar except with my iphone. True the photo quality would poor in comparison but it would still catalog the memories. The question is, are you ready for a daily bombardment of whippet baby updates? Let’s give it some thought.


Here are some photos Jenny took of the baby whippets when we visited them a few weeks ago. The puppies were only 2 weeks old at the time. It’s really fantastic to have Jenny involved right at the beginning with these puppies as she missed Minka’s early development during her pilgrimage to Taiwan. The puppy stage is really one of the best stages! So cuddly, soft, and gentle. Mid January people….


John’s notified Minka that in one month she can no longer be a puppy… Time to shape up and be a role model.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Fainting Goats

Wow these little guys are so cute. A marvelous exception in survival of the fittest.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Coming up for Air.

It's been 36 hours since I hit level 85 in World of Warcraft so I'm coming up for air. Yesterday John and I went for a lonnnngg 2 hour walk to compensate for eating like shit the last few days during our gaming binge. Now we begin the srs business of gearing up.

Here are notes I've made for Heroic Dungeon Strats in Cataclysm.


  • Everyone should stay on the same side of the room.
  • Move out of the crystals. It's like Archavon.
  • 2 AOE Ranged should be designated to killing the adds that spawn from the crystals.
  • Make sure you cleanse the debuff - Dampening Wave
  • Worm will submerge. Avoid the rumbling earth.
  • Tank picks up the rock biter spiders. DPS should use snares and slows (cone of cold etc) to help dps the adds down.
Stabhide the Dragon
  • Stay out of the piss like pools.
  • Avoid Shadows - Shards will fall from the sky.
  • He'll cast Crystal Storm after he goes into the sky. - LOS hide or you'll take crazy amounts of dmg. Pick one more than 15yards away.
  • Stay in LOS of healer.
  • Tank needs to move dragon to space with less shards.
  • Tank should pull boss behind him into the corridor. Facing away from the raid but against the wall.
  • DPS and healers stack outside for easy healing.
  • Only tank should be close to him as he'll do a Shatter, and anyone within 15 yards of him will take dmg. Tank must also run out during shatter.Tank moves to other side of hallway when shatter is done.
  • Do not spell steal the bulwark. You need it to break paralyse.
  • Dps and healers need to keep dot dmg on him so it reflects and frees you from paralyse. Trinkets and Every Man Human Ability will also free you.
  • Casters should stop dpsing when the bulwark up except they can leave a dot to help break them out.
High Priestess Azil

  • Stay out of purple holes.
  • Avoid boulder in sky.
  • DPS adds
  • Interrupt force grip



Rom'Ogg Bone Crusher:
  • DPS the chains. Run out immediately. atleast 15 yards.

  • Pick three people to stand in the beams between the npc and the wall.
  • Ranged DPS is best to do beams but tank can do middle beam. strafe out at 70 stacks of debuff or you will be Mind controlled.
  • Having healer stand under the beams but help stand in beams between heals when dps is out helps to extend enrage timer (enlightened npc) when you have low DPS.

  • Don't stand in the red mesh.
  • Tank to kite in and out of the silver. Quickly.
  • Kill Adds
  • Puddles behave the same [Quicksilver debuff as Centre fire. Kite. DPS should move out,
  • If you allow the stacks to build more gradually, pulling him into the fire so that just his foot touches and pulling him back out, you can add stacks 1-2 at a time. This gives dps more time and saves the healers mana. Repeat to 10-12 stacks, then let the stacks fall off. If it gets too high (we found 12 or more) the healer cannot keep up. When the stacks fall off, adds will spawn, hold him at zero stacks until the adds are dead and then repeat. Should be dead by the time you get to 7-8 stacks on the second buildup.
  • One person kites
  • Tank away from the adds, he will switch.

  • Charge
  • Fear.
  • CC each puppy. They are beasts so you can sleep and sheep. Tank away from Runty. Burn boss.


  • Two phases. Tank and spank in phase 1. Dodge the fire cutters and focus fire on the boss in phase 2.
  • Easy peasy.

Helix Gearbreaker
  • Almost a tank and spank
  • Avoid the bombs.

  • Periodically hits OverDrive - behaves initially like Marrowgar's Bonestorm.
  • Picks a person, marks a ground target and whirlwinds to it. Wait a sec before you start running.
  • Use the Prototype Reaper to kill the adds. 1 builds rage, 2 is charge, 3 is dps.

Lord Walden:
Move when the green light shines.

Baron Silverlane
Burn the boss. Ignore the adds.

Lord Godrey
  • Stay out of dmg.
  • Tank him away. He has projectile purple bullets of vomit.
  • Ignore Adds.
  • Tank move away from Crystal Barrage.
  • Decurse

  • Stand in the middle.
  • AOE heal when hurricanes are in

  • Avoid the Cyclones, Stand upwind. Spread out so your healer can heal through the breath.
  • Stay inside the triangle.
  • Dispel magic. To conserve on mana, healer can dispel tank, ranged and healer on triangle phases, melee dps all the time. Mages and Druids do not require dispelling as they can shape shift.
Heroic Halls of Origination

Temple Guardian Anhuur (snake boss)
DPS boss until sheilds go up. Everyone moves together down one side. one person is pulls and holds lever for 10 secs channel. Everyone else kills adds. Repeat on other side then go back up to burn boss. Repeat.

camel guy: Kill adds. burn boss

Earth Rager Patah: (camel boss)
Kill Adds when up.

Purple pools persist. Don't stand on them. Watch boss to cast the spell on person. move away. try to move together but move quickly out of them. to minimize mount of purple runes on the ground.

Stay out of the purple ground effects
Don't get aggro from the mobs.
Burn the boss.

Healer and tank pick up the adds: kill the portals.

Fire tornadoes leave at trail on it's path. Stay out.
when he's in the middle run to his feet and burn him.


DPS the small sparks
Stay out of the beams
Turn around for the Nova
When she splits focus fire one at a time down

Kill adds Quickly and early. as they get stronger and higher hps as time progresses.