Monday, November 29, 2010

Auntie Ben's Famous Longon Jelly

It’s widely known that Uncle Ben serves up minute rice, but my Auntie Ben makes a killer Longon Jelly.

Thanks to technology I was able to siphon out the recipe over a facebook chat. Unfortunately, this recipe has been sworn to secrecy so no one gets this recipe here.

A warning to others, warm your glasses first, chill your milk or let your jelly cool a bit. I shattered a glass pudding dish in my hand because the mixture was too hot going into a cool glass. Don’t be like me and be forced to clean an explosion of glass/semi hard jelly from all over your fridge, food, pants, and floor.

I attempted her recipe…. And then feeling pretty ‘gay kiang’ (Chinese for foolish – but think you are ingenius) a variation of the recipe using fresh ingredients – like whole fresh milk and real fruit juice in lieu of sugar….

  • Recipe 1 : Auntie Ben’s and Nothing but.
  • Recipe 2: Ivy’s Fresh Ingredient Version
  • Recipe 3: Auntie Ben’s Plus Ivy’s Fresh Ingredient Version in 50/50 amounts.


  • Recipe 1: AMAZINGNESS. Sweet without cloying, comforting, delicious. YUM.
  • Recipe 2: OMG What happened… ack!!! The juice curdled the milk! Completely unappetizing. Resembles Baby spit up.
  • Recipe: Palatable, but looks digusting…

Verdict: Don’t mess with the recipe.


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  1. Crazy. I can't believe fresh ingredients would be ...eeew, like baby spit. It's secret for a reason. I love the experimentation though!!!


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