Thursday, May 26, 2011

Feastro - my new favourite!

Having cravings for sushi and noodles this morning but came across Feastro in my Vancouver Street Cart iPhone app and decided to go check it out instead since it was only 2 blocks away from my office. 

I looked them up on the net and the menu looked promising.

Fresh Halibut Tacocrispy chickpea battered fresh halibut, 
tomato/anise chutney with Henry Reed organic greens, 
tikka masala yogurt, hand cut salsa. $7

Pulled Pork Taco
slow smoked, sweet rub, Henry Reed organic greens, 
guacamole, refried beans, hand cut salsa. $7

Prawn & Grilled Prosciutto Taco $7

Bonzai Prawns
local prawns, sautéed in white wine, garlic,
tomatoes, lemon, served on basmati rice and grains,
with a pineapple brochette.

I arrived to a line up of about half a dozen people... which interpreted as promising. I also check out the clientele when I go to an eatery as they are a great indictor of the quality and value of food. I had a tough decision to make, and while I was leaning towards the Prawn and proscuitto taco, the proprietor and I had a wee chat and he recommended the Fanny Bay Oysters...

Accolades for the truck to read while you wait...

A beverage station nicely packed with ice and pretty flowers.

So here it is..Fanny Bay Oysters – Panko breaded, with Henry Reed organic greens, truck made smoked tomato cocktail sauce. $11

Delicious and fresh with olives, blood orange, beets, beautiful sliced cucumbers, and gooseberries. And while I do love Re-Ups pulled pork sandwiches, Arturos Chicken Taco Salad, and La Brassiere's Rotisserie Chicken Sandwich there's a new favourite in town and he goes by Feastro.

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  1. Yum! I'm on the fence with oysters. Think I'd like it? Does the Vancouver food cart app have times and dates? We're always disappointed going out looking for them and finding out it's not there.