Monday, March 14, 2011

Eating at Arturos Mexican Food Cart today for Lunch

After consulting my new Vancouver Street Eats App... I decided to try the new Arturo Mexican To Go. If you love the danger (salmonella) and excitement (what is Xiao Long Bao? ) of street food, I highly suggest you download it. It's a nice relief from the fast food joints in the area.

Arturo is right by the Price Waterhouse Cooper Building on the corner of Howe and Burrard. Inside were 4 cooks ready to take the order, and Arturo himself, of course. The offerings are not many, but they are delicious enough to warrant repeated visits Burritos, Burrito Bowls, Quesdillas, Tacotino, Tortilla Soup. 

Looking forward to making this trip in the summer as it is only 2 blocks away from work and by the waterfront, so easy to get a nice place to sit after. You can sit by the Canada Place Pier, Jack Poole Plaza or Granville Plaza. All three have waterfront views and seating areas.

credit: I'm only here for the food
So I ordered the Chicken Burrito. The Chicken is described as such: Tinga Chicken: Shicken marinated with smoked jalapeno, roasted guajillo and fresh stewed tomatoes. The salsa is made fresh every day.

I had hoped to take a photo for you, but I basically ravished the burrito like a zombie at brains, so I found this photo on I'm only here for the food.

Everything tastes real, and fresh, homey almost. For $7 its not too bad for the area either. I'd come back... next time for the Sirloin Beef, Slow simmered with chipotle and original mexican ingredients.

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  1. the 3782nd reason for me to go back to Vancouver...must.. have...street food!


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