Friday, October 15, 2010

Lunch time in Kushi Yummy!

I went to Kushibox for lunch today. On the go Japanese fare such as meatballs or Skewers in teriyaki sauce on rice, with sides of Gomae or Sunomuno Salad... I got a box of chicken meatballs to go, with an assortment of Oden.

Here is the oden broth with Daikon, Fried Squid Yami Noodle Bundles, Eggs, Tofu... It's so comforting and delicious. Perfect for enjoying this sunny but nippy day in Vancouver.

The meatballs are about $8 without the combo, and the assortment of 6 oden is only about $6. This isn't the first time I've ordered here as I really enjoy the food and quick service. An unknown gem - unfortunately overshadowed by it's neighbours Jappadog and Beard Papa.

I thought I'd have the will power to take a photo of my lunch for you... but it didn't make it :(

Fortunately Sherman's Food adventures has much more discipline! For your edification. Doesn't that look Yummilicious?


  1. Scott has tried it, I haven't. It seems it's a tad pricey (compared to subs I guess next door!). I didn't know they had oden though! How's it compare to Guu?

  2. It's a bit pricey but the food is really delicious. Complaints that its expensive and small, and it kinda is... I like the portion controlled size for my new "diet".

    The oden is not as good as Guu, but its still wayyyy better than mine ;)in terms of the broth flavor and the daikon. Pass on the "bag", the squid balls and tofu. Get the egg, Daikon and Yam Noodle.


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