Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Malaysian Day in Celebration of the Jenny Wee.

It was Jenny's Bday so we had to roll out the Red Carpet... with LAKSA...

Here is a photo of my crafting space converted into a party area. All part of my "keeping it lowkey for your birthday Jenny" assurances.

More of the.. "we won't make a big deal about it. People won't even know its your Birthday..."

Fruit Platter... yum.

Fixings for Laksa... but we also served Curried Beef, Coconut and Hainanese Chicken Rice, Chicken and Beef Satay, 6 types of salads. Lychee Calpis Beverage, Tea Sangria, Deep Fried Wonton, Cendol, Lemon Grass Wings, BBQ Wings, Steak, Deep Fried Bananas, Deep Fried Mars Bars (Taking advantage of the opportunity not the theme haha!)...

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