Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kumquats, the new detox?

Tried Kumquats today after years of hype from J. Turns out they are gods gift to citrus. YUMMEH.

A bit daunted, I didn't know if I should peel em, like a orange, or scoop the flesh out like a passion fruit... Research was due... after a quick google, I found this informative video. Thank god for the internet! After learning the about the finer points of the fruit I was about to enjoy... I dug in.

Video said to eat it whole... so I did... only I choked on the seeds they recommended I swallow. After that near death experience I managed to develop my own technique of scraping out the seeds with my teeth before popping it all in.... much betta.

All in all, I think I might just love kumquats...

DANGER: this has Blueberry Debacle written all over it.

Each year as Blueberry season rolls around... I grab the girls for the yearly pilgramage to the blueberry farms of Richmond for U-pick. Braving the hostile sun, birds, spiders, and 'reachers' (the people who have to pick on the same bush as you even though they are 500 more blueberry bushes in the freaking field... just because YOU have obviously picked the one with the 'BIGGEST Berries'... This has "Grass is Greener" written all over it.) we pick.. and we eat.. and then we pick and we eat.. and then we go home... and we eat some more... this results in the undesirable outcome of blueberry diahorrhea, because guess what? The body doesn't like eating 5 lbs of blueberries in 4 hours... surprise!!

Anyways... after purging wave after wave of purple explosions... I emerge 20 lbs lighter. Is this detox?

It's as close as I'm going to get. The girls should be proud.

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